Reiki pronounced (Ray key) is used as an alternative healing method in Japan.  There are around 25 different types of Reiki which have been taken and adapted from Dr Mikao Usui which he developed in 1922.  Dr Usui was a Japanese born Buddhist monk who had interests in medicine, Psychology & Theology.  His desire to find a method of healing that wasn’t attached to any religious belief so that it could be accessed by anyone freely.  This led him to fasting, meditating and praying for 21 days in a cave in Mount Kurama.  On day 21 he saw ancient Sanskrit symbols that helped him develop Usui Reiki that is used today.

Reiki means ‘universal life energy’ in Japanese and is a very gentle but effective therapy that uses simple hands-on touch or slightly above the body to energise and rejuvenates the mind body and soul.  Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that can reduces stress, minor ailments, minimise anxiety, balance emotions and wellbeing.  It removes negative energy and replaces it with positive high vibration energy. 

Although Reiki is not an alternative or cure for medical illness it does significantly help people feel better emotionally and can reduce medical symptoms.  It is now starting to be used as alternative therapy within hospitals. Anyone can have reiki and it stimulates the immune system and removes energy blokes making it similar to a message.  

Reiki is a massage for your soul.

We currently offer Reiki every other monday at our Coatbridge Office, the full cost of Reiki is £25 but the charity subsidises £10 so you only pay £15 for 1 hour reiki with Amanda

To find out more or book an appointment please email