We at more than fibro offer members a mental health support serviceWe can support members in multiple ways either via email, group posts, teams chat, or by telephone.

Members can post anonymously on the groups if they do not want anyone to know who they are or alternatively ask an admin to post on their behalf.

We hold Microsoft Teams chat every Wednesday and Sunday at 7 pm where members are welcome to come on and talk about their day or what’s going on for them at that time and receive advice from the small group who meet regularly, alternatively anyone who needs one to one can be taken into a breakout room where they can talk to admin by themselves.

To contact mental health support, you can email mhsupport@morethanfibro.org and by telephone the helpline number is 01236 914672.

Whilst some of our volunteers have some mental health training it is important to note we are not professionals, and you should still seek professional support if in crisis.