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After a brainstorming session between the senior volunteers and based upon previous activities of More Than Fibro with Albion Rovers FC, our Ambassador, Jock Tamson, who funnily enough just happens to be a woodcrafter out with, came up with this idea!

Create a Wooden piece that will assist in raising local awareness of Fibromyalgia and ask for support in an area where there is considerable interest already.

The choice of Albion Rovers was then obvious with them being ‘our’ local team.

The aim of the ‘piece’ is when completed to create a raffle in the local area where ‘More Than Fibro’ in conjunction with Albion Rovers FC can pull resources and raise greater awareness.

After a couple of unsuccessful phone calls, Jock took it upon himself to visit Albion Rovers on Thursday 11th January 2024, totally unannounced.

His reception was fantastic, in his own words, humbling. The local volunteers who were busy in the park that morning called upon Bobby (Robert Campbell), Director of Albion Rovers who spent time with Jock and was extremely encouraged by the idea.

Bobby did mention that if possible he would call upon another staff member to move the idea forward. Jock has not heard anything back as yet however the initial undertaking has hopefully set the ‘ball’ in motion.

The concept of local support is now an idea that More Than Fibro are keen to develop and the likes of Dundee, Perth and Livingstone where future More Than Fibro support meetings are scheduled to be introduced provides further opportunities to raise awareness and engage in Raffle support with other pieces of a similar nature.

Dundee FC, Dundee United FC, St. Johnstone, Livingstone….the list is not exhaustive.

Raffle will be drawn 1st March



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